Right nave, from the bottom, fifteenth-century frescoes: Ecce Homo, Pietà, Adoration of the Magi, St. John the Baptist, Madonna enthroned, Madonna with Saints Donnino, Rocco, Sebastiano and Michele; Madonna surrounded by Saints Francis of Assisi and Antonio da Padova.

The right pillar, between the second and third arches, presents two opposite frescoes dating back to the early sixteenth century depicting the Virgin and Child and St. Lawrence Deacon and martyr.

At the end of the right nave, a small chapel entirely covered by frescoes dating back to the sixteenth century. On the bottom, above the altar, the Virgin mother with the Saints Donnino, Sebastian, Rocco and Michele and the dove of the Holy Spirit; on the right an arch encloses fresco contemporary representing the Nativity.

On the counterfacade two oil paintings: to the right of the main entrance San Pellegrino Laziosi (XVII century), to the left the Immaculate and the Saints Sebastiano, Rocco, Antonio da Padova and Margherita da Cortona by Pietro Balestra (1787).

In the presbytery, right wall, series of frescoes of the early sixteenth century: Bishop and Knight, St. Sebastian and St. Rocco, the Crucifixion, the Madonna Regina and the Virgin Mother.

In the middle of the apse there is an altarpiece depicting St. Michael the Archangel by Pietro Balestra (second half of the eighteenth century).

Behind the altar, for Good Friday is installed a canvas that embraces the entire arch of the apse,    the ordeal of Girolamo Magnani (XIX century).