The project

The structural consolidation and restoration of the church will develop through the following phases.


  1. Structural and geotechnical surveys;
  2. Geo-diagnostic and structural investigations preparatory to the drafting of the consolidation project.
  3. Stratigraphic investigations;
  4. To be carried out with specific essays, on the internal and external walls for the search for possible hidden pictorial apparatus, characterization of the stratographs of plasters, chemical-physical analyses of the finishing layers, drafting of the project of restoration and consolidation of the investigated surfaces.
  5. Laser scanner surveys of the volumes;
  6. Scanning the internal volumes and exterior facades of the church supported by a rigorous topographical framework with 3d model formation and panoramic photographic sockets in Bubble Vision.
  7. Execution planning.;
  8. Executive design of structural consolidation and restoration.
  9. Steel Micropiles;
  10. Structural intervention with the installation of steel micropiles suitable to block the current failure of the foundations.
  11. Interventions of static reinforcement..
  12. Interventions on the structures in elevation with the insertion of steel chains and further interventions of seismic improvement.


  1. Plasters and frescoes;
  2. Consolidation and restoration of exterior and interior plasters with recovery and enhancement of any pictorial apparatus brought to light.
  3. Finishing and cleaning.
  4. Whitewashing of the interior and exterior surfaces without decorative apparatus and cleaning, consolidation and restoration of face-to-face masonry.
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Total cost of the project: € 1.250.000